21st century learning tools for
21st century classrooms

iVALS enhances the visual learning experience with seamlessly integrated technology.

Every educator knows that delivery in a stimulating fashion, including visual input, can be key to learning in terms of understanding, application and retention.

In the pressured environment of a classroom, if tools aren’t intuitive and simplified, for the educator and the student, then they don’t get used.  But the right technology will be quickly adopted by all.

Ideal for high schools, colleges and tertiary education; ComSpark’s ‘Integrated Video Assisted Learning System’ (iVALS) easily suits an array of applications from home economics to applied science and beyond.

Disruption-free technical demonstration is just the beginning.  Also:

  • Real-time visual display
  • Distributing instructional documents
  • Streaming online/offline media
  • Touch-screen interactivity*

Finally, there’s a system that delivers modern practicality through effective delivery.

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